10 things you need to know about iPhone X

10 things you need to know about iPhone X

“Apple has launched it’s new product Iphone X



The mega event had been held in California on 12th September Tuesday.  These are the salient features of Apple Iphone X

iPhone X is basically iPhone 10

For starters, the new phone is  pronounced as”ten,” not “X,” as “X” is written in Roman, according to Apple it is pronounce as iPhone 10. As a matter of fact, thus, you may also call it as iPhone 10

iPhone is all made up of glass

The iPhone X is made from glass on both the front and the back, as Apple have announced that it’s an “all-glass design”. Even though, however, if you’re worried about if your phone accidentally dropped thus resulting in breaking of glass. Apple have emphasized that the glass is “the most durable” ever used in a smartphone.

Edge-to-edge display

The front of the iPhone is all screen. Literally. In addition to that, the display covers the full face of the device, with just camera at the above with glass on the front and back . The screen measures arround 5.8-inches diagonally.

Let’s Talk about Camera

iPhone X users are going to get 12 mp camera whereas the additional features which is going to iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X is going to get portrait mode so it will be an improved flash unit. It’s going to capture your moment at 4k 60 Fps.

Facial Recognition (Face ID)

As a matter of fact, thus you may have heard of this cool feature of facial recognition .Thus, it’s going to used it’s feature of facial recognition to unlock the phone. Thus it will unlock by Scanning your face.

No home button

There is going to be No Home button You heard it right, you have to swipe up to the bottom  to get the home screen.


Animoji This is the most coolest feature which iPhone have introduce Animoji brings your emojis to the real life .As a matter of fact it recognized your facial expressions & then you can send your animated message to your friends.


Wireless Charging

Wires were pre-historic things, now forget the wires it’s wireless charging , It is based upon Qi wireless charging.

Image Format

As can be seen, that iphone X however image can suport HEIF(high-efficiency image format) and HEVC (high-efficiency video compression) formats. 
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