5 Facts You Don’t Know About Facebook


5 Things you don’t know about Facebook

Why is Facebook Blue ?

Facebook name was TheFacebook.com in 2004 as this was created for university project and this is how it looks. in 2004 when it was first created.

1.You all must ever wondered sometimes why facebook is blue from it’s front page to it’s newsfeed’s header everything. This is because Mark Zuckberg can see blue color clearly as he can not see green and red. This is is called color blindness .

  1. Youtube Founder Steve Chen used to work on facebook but he left Facebook and started his own startup which is know as YOUTUBE.COM .His position was a Senior Software Engineer at Facebook.
  1. The most like Facebook page of Facebook is Under Armor with the likes 515 783 804, you can also check this page by visiting this link . https://www.facebook.com/underarmourcostarica/
  1. Facebook is the second most popular website after google with the daily views , and have 1.4 billion active users daily.
  1. Facebook will actually pay you from 50 $ to 40,000$ if you hack their website depending upon the bug. This helps facebook to uncover and that will make their security better and



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