What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin Explianed? How to buy or sell Bitcoins in Pakistan?

Bitcoin in Pakistan

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency that has the electronic computer (internet and computer). Bitcoin did not control anything. Is the process of mining.

Is there any way to change your currency to a bit more?

Bitcoin run as an electronic device for electronic media. Bitcoin is very secure cryptocurrency it is different from other currencies, but that is why you do not have any authority (Authority).

Who is the inventor of Bitcoin?

A software developer whose name is ‘Satoshi Nakamato’. If you want to make money from a company, you do not have any control over the internet or you have to pay a fee for it because you have to pay a fee for that fee.

Is there a currency to print?

Is there any other currency that has not been printed on the currency as well? Bitcoin is electronically added to digital. Is the method ‘mining’ that has the power of the computer.

What are Fundamentals of Bitcoin?

Other currencies based on Gold or Silver but bitcoin is Based on Mathematics.

Current Bitcoin Value

So What is the real current bitcoin value if you want to exchange. As a matter of fact, however Bitcoin rate vary sometimes within minutes.They are not based upon Fixed Exchange Rate System, as can be seen, that there is no interference of Government so it may vary but in 18/10/2017 it’s rate is 5518.00

“1 Bitcoin to Pkr”

“1 Bitcoin to USD”

Bitcoin Calculator

Bitcoin Explained

Before telling you the rate of “1 bitcoin to USD“? However, these are some facts and figure which are going to help you understand what really is bitcoin, You may scroll down if you already know about bitcoin.

What comes to mind when you hear about Bitcoin is that it is a Coin but that is not what it is A  cryptocurrency (virtual money)  and a payment system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 This is what search engine gives the result but let’s talk about what really is A cryptocurrency.


Whether it is feathercoin, BITCOIN
Everyone in the world is talking about it. What really is it? A currency which is not physically existent,. Cryptocurrencies are stored digitally stored whether it is stored on your computer or your phone.

Cryptocurrency value:

In simple words, The more people invest in Crypto Currency the more it value goes up.

Bitcoin Price History

In short in 2017 Bitcoin had captured a massive attention of media whereas it’s value is raised up to 1242 as have risen up to the Gold which was at 1250. This below graph show some rising level of bitcoin.

As shown above, thus this currency value is increasing day by day.


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