10 things you need to know about iPhone X

10 things you need to know about iPhone X

"Apple has launched it's new product Iphone X     The mega event had been held in California on 12th September Tuesday.  These are the salient features of Apple Iphone X iPhone X is basically iPhone 10 For starters,...

What are Refurbished Phones and Refurbished Macbooks?

Should you buy a Refurbished Phones or Refurbished Mac Books? So what are Refurbished phones and Refurbished Macbooks? Most of the companies give an offer return back policy which is mostly valid for 20 to...

Payoneer in Pakistan Sign Up for Payoneer Mastercard & Get 25$ Free

Payoneer in Pakistan? What is Payoneer Mastercard? Payoneer Mastercard is an alternative of Paypal to do the globally transactions. Payoneer has been a great support for Freelancers, Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers and Businesses proprietors to make their...

What is the difference between 4G and 4G LTE?

What's the difference between 4G and 4G LTE We often heard of 4G & 4G LTE (LONG TERM EVOLUTION ) (ITUR) ( Internation Telecommunications reunion) in March 2008 set the 4G standard speed up to 5...
New Whatsapp For Pc

New WhatsApp For Pc Features And Tricks 2017

New Whatsapp For Pc | Whatsapp Download Whatsapp is an app which we all are using, but sometimes it could be really annoying. These are some of the tips by which can make your life...

Facebook Tricks | Facebook Messenger Games | Secret games

Facebook  Messenger Facebook Cool Tricks  "Facebook Messenger" is one of the biggest social media that exists as it has spread its roots to Android, Ios, and Windows. About 900 million users are active on Facebook...
Top Ten Pakistani Bloggers

Top 10 Famous Pakistani Bloggers Pakistani Blogs

Top 10 Famous Pakistani Bloggers and Blogs Pakistan's information technology has helped me to progress, because of the basic reason that Pakistan's young generation has created new ideas that are playing an important role. Blogging...
Bitcoin in Pakistan

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin Explianed? How to buy or sell Bitcoins in Pakistan?

What is Bitcoin Bitcoin is a digital currency that has the electronic computer (internet and computer). Bitcoin did not control anything. Is the process of mining. Is there any way to change your currency to a...
Top 5 Web Hosting Company Review

Top 5 Web Hosting Companies Review

First, you need to know why to purchase good hosting. A few most important points that one should look into before purchasing a web hosting are following: Up Time Guarantee (99.99) Speed of Server ...
Top 10 online shopping sites pakistan

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in Pakistan

Below is the list of top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan 2018. Daraz.pk Kaymu.pk Shopdaily.pk Symbios.pk Shophive.com Homeshopping.pk iShopping.pk Yayvo.com Vmart.pk BNBaccessories.com Top 10 online shopping sites Pakistan: The pattern of eCommercing and governance...

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