500+ Best High PR & Do-Follow Web 2.0 Sites List (Latest)

Web 2.0 sites list

Web 2.0 Sites List: Search engine optimization is the best important thing for blogging. Blog-spot being a free blogging platform. It’s always your first ladder to start blogging and learn the basics.

From past few days, many newbies bloggers request me to share some On-Page-SEO Optimization tips and also, I need to grab the attention of newbies bloggers who just want to learn SEO Optimization.

That’s why today I Plan to mention 5 Killer SEO Optimization tips for bloggers which will help you to get better ranking in search engine.

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Submit Your Blog To Search Engine

When you completed all steps above the last thing remain is to submit your blog to Google’s webmaster tools. Submitting your blog to google webmaster tools help you to get index in a minute.
You just need to verify your blog ownership & submit your blog sitemap to GWT.
We have mentioned some points below which will clear your thoughts about google webmaster tools.

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300 High PR Web 2.0 Sites List

Latest Do-Follow Web 2.0 Sites List 2017 

1. wordpress.com22. ning.com45. 21publish.com
2. bloglines.com23. wikidot.com46. 43things.com
3. weebly.com24. zoho.com47. buzzle.com
4. typepad.com25. angelfire.lycos.com48. diaryland.com
5. blogger.com26. webnode.com49. onsugar.com
6. livejournal.com27. storify.com50. blog.de
7. tumblr.com28. officelive.com51. webstarts.com
8. squidoo.com29. posterous.com52. webspawner.com
9. tripod.lycos.com30. rediff.com53. twoday.net
10. blogspot.com31. salon.com54. moonfruit.com
11. scribd.com32. bigadda.com55. blogreaction.com
12. groups.google.com33. wetpaint.com56. getjealous.com
13. areavoices.com34. blogspirit.com57. freeblog.hu
14. angelfire.com35. opendiary.com58. journalspace.com
13. wikispaces.com36. gather.com59. soup.io
14. bravenet.com37. weblogs.us60. springnote.com
15. my.opera.com38. blog.com61. travelblog.org
16. multiply.com39. blog.co.uk62. ucoz.com
17. xanga.com40. hubpages.com
18. yola.com41. diaryland.com
19. blogsome.com42. zimbio.com
20. jimdo.com43. quizilla.teennick.com
21. webs.com44. sosblog.com


Final Words

I hope this guide will give you much better knowledge about Search engine optimization. I have mentioned all SEO optimization tips for blog-spot blogs. I’ll provide more quality tips and tricks. So don’t ignore and being lazy with single steps and optimize your blog as much as you can. Wish you a successful blogging.

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