What is Dark Web? How to access the Dark Web?


What is Dark Web? How to access the Dark Web?

Dark Web: Before knowing  “how to access the dark web“.Thus, you must know a little about how threatening this place could be it could be. If you already know it scrolls down to how to access the dark web”.

As a matter of fact, the internet is divided into 3 parts:

 The image here describes the part of internets.

Surface Web:
Moreover, this is the part of the internet which you can easily access, as a matter of fact, the blog which you are reading is a part of a Surface web. It can easily access all around the world without any permission. as an exemplification, everything which is publicly available is a part of the Surface web. In conclusion, it includes only 5 % of the internet.

Deep Web:
Around 94 % of the internet is Deeb web,

Furthermore, what really includes in deep web?As has been noticed,
Databases which are stored in Cloud, Google Drive, which individual can access via web addresses and password.On the other hand, A user can not access the database without web addresses and password until and unless the user gives it’s permissions. The databases are not indexed in Google search.

Dark Web | Marianas Web:
Let’s talk about Dark web, I am requesting my bloggers not to try to visit Dark web as it is illegal and the content found there is Age restricted. It is believed that government experiments classified files are on the Dark web… Illegal contents are found there, e.g

  • Hiring Hitman to murder someone,
  • Dealing with Arms,
  • Drugs,
  • Dealing with Sexual contents,

Human experiments videos are streamed online. in fact, some pictures were taken from Dark web which can be seen.Thus, these pictures may not be as clarified equally important there are some illegal activities.

How to access the dark web?

As a matter of fact, even though, after reading above all, however, if you are still really keen to get access into dark web there is a special browser to get access into this Web which I really would not recommend you to, however, you can enter into Dark web via Torr browser.

TOR Official Website: 


How to access the Dark Web ?
Access Dark Web


Despite, of everything as mentioned above Why does government not act against the Dark Web?
It is believed that many government classifieds are kept here in this web.However, Illuminati activities are also performed here.

8 Deep Web Videos

Also part of This Web: Let’s talk about “Blue Whale Game”:

In conclusion, to the article, however, “The Blue Whale Game” origins were linked to the Dark web, as can be seen,  some of the torture videos dealing were done here via bitcoin.

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