How to know if iphone is original


How To Know If IPhone Is Original ? iPhone imei Check


So you are THINKING to buy New iPhone or Used iPhone? Do you want to avail its cool features? But If Some one scammed you and sold you Refurbished Or China Copy of Iphone so “How to know if iphone is original” ? . Don’t you worry because if you follow these simple steps below you will easily recognize a Refurbished Or China copy of iphone

apple imei check

1. iPhone imei check 
For the most part,this is the most prominent way of ‘iPhone imei Check” Dial *#06# for the IMEI number confirm that number with the back of your Iphone cover .

2. Check the screws of the phone.
If there are some scratches on the screws of the phones, it may be opened for repair.Thus, it’s better to stay away from that phone,

3. Go to Dial pad and dial this number
Just dial this *#*#4636#*#* if any options appear on the screen then it means you are using china copy of Iphone.

4. iPhone imei check on
Dial *#06# for the imei number and put iPhone IMEI on this site. However, If your configurations match like serial number, in summary, its colour, technical support expired. All in all, this is how you can check your serial number and your expiration date.

Or you check it via settings

Go to your settings which as highlighted in the image

Additionally Then Press General

Press About

Now Scroll to the “Serial Number”

5. Activation Lock
However, when you are buying an iPhone you must keep in mind to ask the user to switch off the activation lock furthermore the iphone has the feature that if your mobile gets stolen nonetheless you can easily activate lock which doesn’t allow anyone to use your phone.

These were the quickest and fastest method for “How to know if iphone is original“.


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