How To Send Long Videos On Whatsapp

How To Send Long Videos On Whatsapp

How To Send Long Videos On Whatsapp” up to 1GB? (Send PDF, DOC, ZIP, APK, Audio and Video)

One of the biggest platforms for chatting is Whats app, but unfortunately, it’s not built for sharing files, as there is only a limit of sharing of 20 mb, however, if we want to share HD videos or data more up to 1Gb.“  If you are wondering  “How To Send Long Videos On Whatsapp” really easily by these methods


The first method includes compressing of the video, whereas in the second method, you can share the data directly to the user. you can jump to part directly by clicking first method or second method, whatsoever feels suitable for you.

First Method: By Compressing 

Download Video Converter from play store.

After you have installed the application, search for the video you want to compress, thus to get the optimum result click Reduce Size option (Pro only feature).
Finally, set the target set less than 16 Mb if you want to send it to Whatsapp.
Then click on start and wait for the process to complete.

Another method which you can use via google drive, or dropbox these methods can easily be used on Android phones. As well as on Apple phones, thus while sharing with google drive or dropbox you wouldn’t need to compress, unfortunately, it’s going to take some time to upload.





Download Whatstool from play store or from this link

-Press turn On services which is highlighted as red in the image. After pressing the button  it will show something like this,

then press Ok Continue
– then go to whatstool services & make it on

It will then open a box, press Ok there

-Now go to Whatsapp & the contact where you want to share the file
– You will get many options as shown below and you can now easily send up to 1GB of data to your contacts.

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