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Today We are going to reveal the method “How to start google blog” ?
There are many blogging platforms which offer the user the ability to create free blogs without investment. Blogging is an art and a way to spread your ideas, Skills, Knowledge in different parts of the world. Many of newcomers bloggers want to start blogging without investment. If you are looking for a free blog creation, then my suggestion would be


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Blogspot is a platform that helps you to create your own blog. Starting a blog with blogger is simple and so easy. You can add widgets upload templates and modify HTML with no blogging skills. It’s good for the beginner who wants to start their career in blogging.
Blogspot allows you to create a free blog, but its have some limitation

This post is for Newcomers/Newbies bloggers who are new to blogging and want to create the blog.
Before Beginning of tutorial let me know you some Known facts of blogging.

Blogspot is a blogging platform owned by Google. Blogging is a great way to not only make money but to boost your online influence. It’s very easy process. Most of the bloggers are highly recommend you use Blogspot blogging platform as it’s easy to setup or you can start making money from Adsense as well. So let’s begin “How to start google blog”

Step by Step Guide to How to start “Google Blog” | Blogspot:-


Step 1:- Signup for


First of all, go to and signup to create a free blog on Blogspot. Once you logged into blogger then you will see “New blog” button left the side.

Step 2:- Enter Name and Create a Blog

Blogging creation
Create a blog

Type in any title that you want to name your blog in the title box. And enter any short domain in Address (Make sure your Blog’s address is unique).

Bloggerspedia blog

Now your blog is created, but you are not done yet. There are few settings left,

Known facts of blogging on how to create a blog
Blog review
Adsense monetization on new blog
Adsense for bloggers

Some Important Things You Must Know:-
Post – You can see your new post.

Pages – Make Static pages for your blog.

Earning – You can earn from your blog via Adsense, which you can learn easily from here.
Note : – (Once you started getting the decent amount of visitors from search engines to your blogspot blogs then you can apply for Adsense to start making money).

Layout – You can change your blog layout anytime.

Template – You can change your Blog template with different designs and much more.
Note : – (Most important, you should change your blog template as default one is boring in my opinion. You can buy or search the internet you can get millions of templates).

Setting – You can change your Blog’s Setting anytime like comments, Basic, Language etc.

Now your blog is almost ready, and you can start writing posts.These were the settings for setting up of Google Blog“.

Final Words : –

This post is for every reader out there who do not have already blog and looking for creating a blog. I also started my Blogging journey with Blogspot.

Some Important Tips :

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