Jazz Internet Packages 3g 4g daily Weekly & Monthly


Jazz Internet Packages 3g 4g daily Weekly & Monthly

Bloggerspedia will be telling you about different Jazz Internet Packages 3G and 4G including daily, weekly, and monthly. We will take a look at the Prepaid section packages as offered by Jazz as well as the Postpay section bundles.

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Jazz 3G/4G Internet Packages

All Jazz Internet Packages 3G/4G offered by are briefly described below including Subscription, Price, Data, Validity, and Checking Remaining Data.

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

There are three types of Jazz Daily Internet Packages, details are mentioned below.

1. Jazz Daily 3G/4G Package

Price20 PKR
Data100 MBs
Validity24 Hours
How to Subscribe*117*1#
Check Remaining Data*117*1*2#

2. Jazz Super Daily 3G/4G Package:

Price29.88 PKR
Data200 MBs
Validity24 Hours
How to Subscribe*117*4#
Check Remaining Data*117*4*2#

Jazz 3-Day Internet Package

The details of Jazz  One 3-Day Internet Package is following:

Price41.83 PKR
Data300 MBs
Validity3 Days
How to Subscribe*117*3#
Check Remaining Data*117*3*2#

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

The company is providing two different weekly packages to its customer let’s explore Jazz Weekly Internet Packages.

1. Jazz 3G/4G Weekly Package

Price50 PKR
Data300 MBs
Validity7 Days
How to Subscribe*117*3#
Check Remaining Data*117*3*2#

2. Jazz Super 3G/4G Weekly Package

Price110 PKR
Data1000 MBs
Validity7 Days
How to Subscribe*117*47#
Check Remaining Data*11747*2#

3. Jazz Weekly Extreme Package

Price70 PKR
Data1000 MBs
Validity7 days (Used between 2 AM and 2 PM)
How to Subscribe*117*14#
Check Remaining Data*117*14*2#

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

There are three Jazz Monthly Internet Packages which are mention below

1. Jazz 3G/4G Browser Package

Price160 PKR
Data1500 MB
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*117*77#
Check Remaining Data*117*77*2#

2. Jazz 3G/4G Monthly Lite Package

Price250 PKR
Data3 GB
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*117*31#
Check Remaining Data*117*31*2#

3. Jazz 3G/4G Monthly Smart Package

Price500 PKR
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*117*30#
Check Remaining Data*117*30*2#

4. Jazz 3G/4G Monthly Heavy Package

Price1200 PKR
Data13 GBs
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*117*32#
Check Remaining Data*117*32*2#

Jazz 3G/4G Hybrid Bundle

Jazz Hybrid Bundle is the awesome, company is providing Data, Minutes and SMS all in One Package for Whole Month here are the details of Jazz 3G Hybrid Bundle.

Price478 PKR
Data2 GBs
Minutes1000 SMSs (Any Network)
SMS1000 SMSs (Any Network)
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*117*40#
Check Remaining Data*117*40*2#

Other than all these 3G Packages of Jazz, if you don’t subscribe any 3G Bundle, then the Base Rate of 3G Data would be 21.51 PKR / MB.


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