Jazz SMS Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly


Bloggerspedia will be telling you about different Jazz SMS Packages including daily, weekly, and monthly. We will take a look at the Prepaid section packages as offered by Jazz as well as the Postpay section bundles.

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Mobilink Jazz  SMS Package (Monthly)

These are the following packages of Mobilink Jazz which are being offered by “Mobilink Jazz Sms”

Subscribing to any of these packages is accessible to anyone. Dial the particular code; the information about this subscription system is mention below.

Mobilink Jazz SMS Packages

These are 3 three simple SMS offers which Mobilink Jazz is providing to its customers.

  •  Daily SMS offer
  • Weekly SMS offer
  • Monthly SMS offer
    let’s start the exploration of SMS offers.

Mobilink Jazz SMS Packages (Daily)

1. Mobilink Jazz SMS Plus Package

Subscription FeeRs. 2.38 (inclusive of tax)
Incentive150 SMS
Validity1 Day
Subscription String*106*1#
Un-Subscription String*106*4#
Status String*106*2#
Information String*106*3#

2. Mobilink Jazz Daily SMS Bundle

Subscription FeeRs. 4.77 (inclusive of tax)
Incentive1200 SMS
Validity1 Days
Subscription String*101*1*01#
Un-Subscription String*101*4*01#
Status String*101*2*01#
Information String*101*3*01#

3. Mobilink Jazz Daily SMS Package + WhatsApp

Subscription FeeRs. 5.98 (inclusive of tax)
Incentive1500 SMS + Unlimited Whatsapp
Validity1 Day
Subscription String*334#
Un-Subscription String*334*4#
Status String*334*2#
Information String*334*3#

Mobilink Jazz SMS Package (Weekly)

Subscription FeeRs. 13.13 (inclusive of tax)
Incentive1000 SMS + 25MB Whatsapp
Validity7 Day
Subscription String*101*1*07#
Un-Subscription String*101*4*07#
Status String*101*2*07#
Information String*101*3*07#

Mobilink Jazz SMS Package (Monthly)

Subscription FeeRs. 47.79 (inclusive of tax)
Incentive10000 SMS + Unlimited Whatsapp
Validity30 Day
Subscription String*101*1*02#
Un-Subscription String*101*4*02#
Status String*101*2*02#
Information String*101*3*02#

The fun begins with incredible Jazz Sms offers because they are giving you awesome SMS offers which give you a reason to remain connected with friends and others without any hassle or other problems.



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