LIFI 100x times faster than WIFI



PAKISTAN ?  LIFI 100x times faster than WIFI

 LIFI 100x times faster than WIFI  WIFI VS LIFI ?

You all must be using wifi at your home, at your work places and in some cases in colleges too, but the new age of modernization has dawned upon humanity and everything is being changed. Who actually knew that Wi-Fi will actually be replaced by something that is, in fact, 100 times faster than it? We are now talking about the evolution of WIFI to LIFI .

LET’S TALK ABOUT WHAT LIFI IS? and How really it works?

“Light Fidelity or Li-Fi”  is a Visible Light Communications (VLC) system running wireless communications traveling at very high speeds.

This is what you must have read on google, now let me explain it to you what it LIFI is and how it actually works.
“LIFI” .. “Light Fidelity” it’s name signifies how it performs it work . It’s based on VLC concept Visible light concept  YES ! it works via light in leds LIFI technology uses light bulb to establish data communication for data.

So What are the advantages of LIFI :

  • The first benefit you will get from LIFI is that of speed, you will get a speed of 100 Gbps.
  • Lifi is really secure as compared to wifi , as wifi can be crossed across the wall & the data transmission can be hacked but this will not happen in wifi
  • Data density, When using a wifi the signals are transmitted all across the places, thus it doesn’t target all the signals to one place, it won’t happen in LIFI will transmit the data to specific point .
  • From Health point of view, There is no radiation as it have only light, but there are chances that Wifi is more likely to effect the health of users.


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