How To Make Money From YouTube Pakistan


How To Make Money From YouTube Pakistan Step by Step

How Do I create cash – create cash on-line from “Youtube Pakistan” 10 to $20,000 Per Day or monthly.

You want to create cash fast? you would like some cash right now?

Youtube offer if you will be come up 1000 views per video then youtube give 1 US $

1 US $ = 106 PKR ( “Youtube Pakistan” )

I have collected some simple points about making money from “Youtube Pakistan”

1 First you choose Niche (niche means topic or subject in simple words)
2 You create one gmail acounts.
3 You should create one youtube channel (Account).
4 You should make videos like tutorials, trailer, news and tips and Tricks.
5 Upload all video materials in your youtube channel (Account)
6 After uploading you should connet your channel with your youtube adsense account.

Youtube Adsense Payment Withdraw Method

1 Paypal
2 Payoneer
3 Wire Transfer

Have Fun 🙂

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