Newspaper 7 WordPress Theme Activation Code


Newspaper 7 WordPress Theme Activation Code

Today I will do Knowledge about How to Get Latest Newspaper WordPress Theme and How to Activate Newspaper Theme without an Activation code, and NewsPaper topic greatest highlights are that it needs enactment code, so Mostly People Get this free from other free things supplier site.


Yet, a most noteworthy issue is that with a record of the free subject does not give initiation code this since Newspaper topic actuates with server center, so one enactment key does not work much time, so’s way with document not give code.

When they transfer the topic and not actuate topic with a code along these lines, following fourteen days, Red alarm on our dashboard of WordPress demonstrates that Your subject isn’t Activate so this Alert message not a decent search for the proprietor of the site since it resembles a migraine.

After I confront this kind of people groups today, I will disclose How to make free newspaper topic actuation code and enact the topic with Article and Video instructional exercises.

2 Latest Methods of Activation Newspaper Theme

You can be applying this method is given below versions.

  • Newspaper 7.0
  • Newspaper 7.1.1
  • Newspaper 7.2
  • Newspaper 7.3
  • Newspaper 7.4
  • Newspaper 7.5
  • Newspaper 7.6
  • Newspaper 7.7.1
  • Newspaper 7.6.1

1st Method:

  • First you go to this path in Cpanel in Newspaper 7 theme folder includes/wp_booster/td_cake.php.
  • Open td_cake.php file in PHP editor.
  • Find

and change below code


  • Then open “your_site/wp-admin/admin.php?page=td_cake_panel” in your browser and then click on Manual activation and Enter below code

After entering this code, Your theme will be successfully Activate.

Have fun ?



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