Pakistan IT Exports Cross Breaking Records!

Pakistan IT Exports Cross Breaking Records!

Pakistan IT Exports Cross Breaking Records!

Pakistan reports a record breaking IT sends out for the monetary year of 2016-17 with an astounding measure of almost $1 billion receipts got through the saving money channel.

The State Bank of Pakistan reports that the fares of IT industry which incorporate the media transmission, PC and data administrations. These added up to $938.64 million in the last budgetary year.

Fares have encountered a 19% development and an expansion by 150 million from 2015-2016 which was $788.64 million. For the individuals who are pondering where Pakistani fares go to, they are conveyed to the USA and different areas, for example, the Middle East and South African nations.

In any case, as per the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) a considerably higher fare was accounted for when contrasted with SBP’s numbers. The PSEB closed with a figure which was three times higher than SBP.

IT Industry Exports Of Services And Products For The Two Years Include:

Here Are The 6 Year Exports:



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