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Payoneer in Pakistan? What is Payoneer Mastercard?

Payoneer Mastercard is an alternative of Paypal to do the globally transactions. Payoneer has been a great support for Freelancers, Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers and Businesses proprietors to make their online purchasing and sending money to their clients all over the world. Now, there’s a good news for Freelancers in Pakistan, Payoneer has arrived in Pakistan. If you want to start your career on your freelancing then this Payoneer Mastercard is the 1st step you have to do. We have summed up how to Sign for “Payoneer in Pakistan“.

Both Terms used are applied to both cards (Debited and Credited).

Payoneer Mastercard acts like an ATM card.

Join & Get $25 Free

Reliable Payoneer Mastercard in Pakistan

This Payoneer Mastercard can be used in any place in the world, whether you want to purchase something online or you want to swipe the card in stores.

It is a replacement royal line primarily based money company that was established back in 2005, however in recent years, it got exposure from the users owing to its valuable services.

However, in recent years, it got exposure from the users owing to its valuable services.

Currently, you can now use Payoneer Mastercard in Pakistan for receiving your payment by swiping it in any local atm machine and thus you can receive your payment easily.
It has become accessible to everyone   all freelancers and retreating cash exploitation native ATMs altogether countries

All freelancers can easily connect their account of Payoneer with any bank in which they hold their accounts.

Payoneer Mastercard brings you amazing offers of your choice to use your  Pakistan local bank for receiving and sending payments from any USA and EU company, thus this is often one further advantage.

Payoneer in Pakistan

Payoneer in Pakistan! Good news for Freelancers in Pakistan

For all those freelancers Payoneer in Pakistan. Web developer, web designer, graphic designer, software developer, hosting domain provider and all the online worker. There’s a good news for you “Payoneer is now in Pakistan” to”Sign up for Payoneer is easy as pie. However, by this, you can use this digital account which is very easy to use. This digital transaction is 100% secure.

Payoneer mastercard
Payoneer MasterCard

Payoneer Sign Up Payoneer in Pakistan & How to get Payoneer Mastercard

Go to the official link and then click orange button and then fill your form step by step with put your original information like address, area postcode, cell number, country etc after passing 4 steps you will get your official account.

Currently once you have set the master card then you will merely move to website so as to form associate degree account & order a card, however I will provide you with an instantaneous link from wherever you will be part of this platform and acquire $25 free, you will get $25 bonus after you activate your card and receive a payment of a minimum of $100 U.S.A. Click the “Payoneer Sign Up” option is given below.

Sign Up & Get $25 Free

Payoneer MasterCard Charges

Payoneer Mastercard  CHARGES
Card Annual Activation $ 29.95
Card Replacement $ 12.95
ATM Withdrawal $ 3.15
ATM Balance Inquiry $ 1
Payoneer to Bank WithDraw May vary depends upon the bank


Paypal Charges & Term and Conditions:

There are some conditions to request a PayPal Debit MasterCard® :

  • You must have a U.S. Business account.
    • Only If you have a U.S. Personal account,
    • Your account must have 500 $  received at least  within the 12 months.
  • You must have confirmed your Postal Address, you can do this by:
    • Credit card monthly statement is sent to a physical street address.
    • Applying and being approved for a PayPal card that confirms your physical street address.
  • Provide your Date of birth
  • Congratulations! Now your PayPal card shall be arrived soon at your provided location.


Paypal Card CHARGES
Card Annual Activation Nill
Card Replacement Nill
PayPal Prepaid Mastercard Monthly Fees $4.95
PayPal HereTM card reader3.5% plus $0.15 for manually entered transactions
Paypal to paypal transfer$0.25 per transfer
Paypal to paypal transfer $0.25 per transfer
Paypal to Bank WithDrawFee may vary 



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