TOP 3 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)


TOP unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)

What is a UAV?

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), as a matter of fact commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard.Correspondingly, its flight is controlled either autonomously by onboard computers or additional, by the remote control of a pilot on the ground or in another vehicle.


Predator :

One of the surveillance UAV’s was the PREDATOR. It was developed in the early nineteen-nineties. This UAV use the Infrared & Synthetic Radar which allow the release of “Hellfire Missiles”. Moreover, this UAV is low-cost technology. However, it proved to be an important resource for the U.S Air Force as they not only launched missiles at terrorist camps but also kept a secret eye on their activities using the 1.8 Gigapixel camera attached to the drone.

Global Hawk :

unmanned aerial vehicles
RQ-4 Block 20 Global Hawk

Thus, unlike predator, however not only this special drone can reach up to high altitudes such as 65,000 ft but also it can fly on the pre-planned mission. Moreover, which includes taking off and landing automatically.However, this UAV can carry a lot more sensors, communication devices and it can stay in the air for up to 35 hours.In conclusion, this Drone can provide constant Real-time videos and surveillance

X-47 Pegasus:

unmanned aerial vehicles

In  2000, Engineers began working on a pegasus which could land itself automatically on the U.S Navy Destroyer Ships.

Furthermore, this unique machine can be operate by Aircraft Carriers, while providing Real-time surveillance and Targeting information with highly efficient data.

The US has one of the most effective air force. However, they have the largest fleet of drones of  X47-A Pegasus and the MQ nine Reaper.


Recognized by the  Predator B,  judging by its mechanics. It consists of a supersonic engine. Furthermore, it is able to additionally set up laser-guided bombs and likewise, shoot Hellfire missiles, towards targets situated on the ground. The UAV however, can hit aerial targets. Correspondingly, it can stay in the air for complete of 36 hours.


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