What are Refurbished Phones and Refurbished Macbooks?


Should you buy a Refurbished Phones or Refurbished Mac Books?

So what are Refurbished phones and Refurbished Macbooks? Most of the companies give an offer return back policy which is mostly valid for 20 to 30 days. Another policy of the company is that of replacement if the phone is not working this maybe because of some minor issues in the phone then the company gives your money back or replace the phone.

So what company really does with the phone which you have returned back to them? If it’s having minor issue, they fix the phone and then resale it in the market as New repacking.

What are my suggestions for Refurbished phones?

If you are getting a warranty of 20 to 30days of phone & the price is really low of refurbished phone then Go ahead and get a refurbished phone.

If you want to know how to check refurbished or fake iPhone visit this link, this may help you 


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