New WhatsApp For Pc Features And Tricks 2017

New Whatsapp For Pc

New Whatsapp For Pc | Whatsapp Download

Whatsapp is an app which we all are using, but sometimes it could be really annoying. These are some of the tips by which can make your life easier

Secret Audio

You can listen to audio messages without Earplugs by simply placing your phone against your ear just like you do when you attend normal calls.

Create An American New Whatsapp account.

new whatsapp

To do this, you need to install an app called “Parallel Space” it allows you to access two WhatsApp account and another app “Primo” which give you US number for free.

Send the Same Message up to 1000 times and make your Friend Phone Freeze

Download the app WhatsBomb to send the same message up to 1000 times.

“New Whatsapp” allows more Unique Status.

Whatsapp now allows you to Upload your Status as Photos, Videos and also GIF Videos.

“Newest Whatsapp” Status Views

Newest Feature now shows how many people have seen your Status.

Status Privacy

This feature gives you the authority to control a number of people who can view your Status and also stop a specific person from viewing it.

Change Font

Latest Update comes with the features that allow your Font to change. Just tap 3 Grave keys (`) before sending a message.

Reply to a particular Message in a Group

To do this, simply tap on the message you want to reply and an option of “reply pops up”

Hide Annoying notifications Previews

To message a person you’ve been blocked by go into WhatsApp settings, delete your account and uninstall your Whatsapp. Restart your phone, Again install Whatsapp from Playstore and again Sign up your Accounts and all the blocked contacts will be added again.

Whatsapp For Pc 

whatsapp download

Great news Whatsapp has launched its new feature called WhatsApp Web, thus by this, you can easily use Whatsapp on your pc. You just have to scan the code from your mobile on this site then viola!.


Whatsapp Download

You can download the newest update WhatsApp from here.




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These were the “WhatsApp Latest Update Features And Tricks (2017)“, if you know any other tricks and want to share with us, however, use the comment section to reach.



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