Blogspot VS WordPress Who Is The Winner?

Wordpress vs blogger
Wordpress vs blogger

Blogspot VS WordPress Who Is The Winner?

Who is the Winner in Blogspot VS Wordpress?

Starting or running a blog is enjoyable. The two famous way to create a blog through Blogspot & WordPress. These two names are impossible to avoid in terms of blogging because this platform community has an important role in blogging.

Many of bloggers/people are confused to select WordPress/blogger. Well, both are used widely all over the world as stellar services. But unfortunately, your decision comes down to one we know you might be wondering & waiting for an answer to which one is best Blogspot or WordPress.

In WordPress, there are two flavors – and Like in Blogspot hosting is not essential for bloggers but hosting in like renting a house where the landlord is responsible for maintenance and facilitation of your place.

While hosting in self-hosted is similar to buying your own home where you are responsible for its maintenance and facilities.

Anyway in this article I will show the comparison between WordPress and Blogspot.

Wordpress vs blogspot who is winner
WordPress v/s Blogspot

Why Blogspot?

Blogspot is user-friendly and entirely based on Google. With blogger all, you need to sign up with your Google account. It is a system when you just to start your blog to share your thoughts.

When you don’t know about any blogging skills then Blogspot is really good for you. Blogspot takes all responsibility for all your files and detail which are associated with blogger.

It is much easy in terms of WordPress. It’s an also a free platform where you can start your blog with zero investment.

Why Not Blogspot?

If you are running or starting your blog for a serious and money making then Blogspot is not a good choice for you.

Because of some limitation & controls on the search engine. Whenever your blog came to spam of google then your blog will be removed from Google permanently. It has lack of SEO optimization.

Most of the people are saying that blogger themes are not responsive and nor best plugins or widgets in terms of WordPress

Why WordPress?

WordPress is clean in the blogging & web design. Most of the people actually use the WordPress. It gives you full control over your blog.

You get complete control on SEO which will help you to make your blog friendly. In the study of 2012 Matt Mullenweg provide a data which shows WordPress user is 43% and bloggers are 37% and rest of others.

WordPress is best for serious bloggers who are running blog only for fame, money. It has hundred of attractive templates.

Why Not WordPress?

The first problem with WordPress is that it was not designed for beginners who just want to take up blogging as a side hobby.

In order to start your WordPress blog, you have to some knowledge of things like hosting, HTML practice etc.

You need to buy hosting & domain in order to start your WordPress blog. You need to buy premium themes and plugins. if you ready to start a WordPress blog then you need to invest such amount on the blog.

The Winner Is:-

No one is the winner both are same at their own place. In terms of Blogspot V/s WordPress, both are stellar services. When you are opting or planning to earn from your blog then WordPress is best & tons of blogs are running on WordPress CMS(Content management system). But unfortunately, blogger is a fantastic service that makes easy to focus what you love to write. For newbie bloggers, Blogspot is best because without investment they can also learn Seo knowledge and blogging skills etc. In other words according to 2013 study compared to WordPress Blogspot blogs are ranking in the top of Google and earning decent money.
As in Blogosphere( the world of blogs) many more changes to come in future, you will be safe if you are within under google.



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